Prudence prend garde à ton jupon....(Tribute to Georges Brassens Le vent)

Si, par hasard,
Sur l'pont des Arts,
Tu crois's le vent, le vent fripon,
Prudenc', prends garde à ton jupon!

Farewell Angelina (tribute to Joan Baez)

But farewell, Angelina
The sky is on fire
And I must go

The plants smelled with delight the hordes of dinosaurs thundering toward them. It had taken them a long time to entice the gigantic beasts so far south, and they had had to use all their knowledge in their effort to feed. Pheromones, flower emissaries, sweet odors. Life around the southern pole was hard, and only a tight land bridge linked it to the other continents.
from F.Stephan novel "Hunger"   the full story on the site

Dans l'eau de la Clairefontaine (tribute to Georges Brassens)

Avec des pétales de rose
Un bout de corsage lui fis
La belle n'était pas bien grosse
Une seule rose a suffi

The man came to watch the fog every morning for one hour. Then he joined us toiling the fields. Life was harsh, and we worked hard to clean the soiled earth and water which filled the large pools every morning. We crashed on our cots at night, exhausted. But he woke one hour earlier and never failed to come to watch.
The villagers mocked him. “Why do you waste your time?”
He only replied once. I remember. I was young and a fool, mocking him. But he said, “One day the fog will clear. And I will be free once again.”
I knew, like everyone else, that the fog never lifted, even if our clouded brains knew little else except work and sleep. He could only be mad, the fog messing with his mind even more than it did to us.
But his words struck me and I took to watch with him the quiet water and the fog at dawn.
We were alone when the fog cleared and the metal ship flew over the gleaming water. “Environmentalist Lirte, sentenced to twenty years of public service. Are you ready to serve once again?”
Light came over his face as if he remembered something. “Yes, I am.”
He turned to me. “Don’t lose hope. One day; it will be your turn…”
I come to watch the fog every morning, before toiling in the fields…
Author F Stephan​​​​​​​
The knight and the dragon

The red Delenor, dragon of fire and life, searched the ground for its rider. Victorious of Ankagon the blue, of ice and death, he was eager to share the news with the fierce Elena who had accompanied him to battle. She had jumped hours before to fight Zorkan, Ankagon's rider, while the two dragons soared in the sky. Today they would settle a millennia old feud.
from F.Stephan novel  the full story on the site

Keeper at the gate of dawn

Allia was born under the first ray of sun of the Black Day, in the high moutains of Zesh. The signs were there for all to see and the clan’s shaman promptly selected her to be trained with the chosen
At last, only four remained, standing on each side of the Tower. On that day, she painted on her body the Sacred Symbols and received from the High Priest the Crystal of shadows
from F.Stephan novel   the full story on the site

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